by Jules Verne 

Frritt-Flacc, by Jules Verne, is a suspense and horror short story, translated to English, Spanish and Portuguese, and featured with animations, sound effects and interactions that engage tablet and smartphone readers. Available for free on iOS and Android (tablets and smartphones).

Frritt-Flacc is part of the New Perspective Collection – a project in partnership with Novozymes’ scientists and directors and Sesi-PR educators – and brings universal authors short stories that suggest to the reader reflection and action on the planet humanitarian challenges, as well as reflect about how Biology can solve the world’s current problems.

The narrative, which talks about social differences and selfishness, is a starting point for reflection about ODS 1 – No Poverty. Frritt-Flacc, by Jules Verne, has extra content about the story, activities that instigate social awareness and a biology experiment.


Digital trilingual version of Jules Verne’s short story Frritt-Flacc, by StoryMax