I have been writing about architecture, interiors, urbanism and other corners of this field for over a decade. It is therefore no surprise to me how much an urban or architectural design, or even an interior design, can influence how people live and interact socially. What I did not expect, however, was just how much of an impact this experience has had daily: trading my home-office in São Paulo for Seed’s shared office in Belo

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Producers with the courage to deviate from the mainstream, especially in such a risk-averse country as Brazil, are few and far between. Even harder to find are those that carry the hint of a trend. That’s the case with the Brazilian animation “The Boy and the World” – screenplay written by Alê Abreu, who also directed. The entire film was designed with handcrafted materials. Coloring pencils, crayons, watercolor and newspaper and magazine cutouts; the film

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When I say I’m shy, many disagree. But the truth is, although I am shy, I’m also so results-oriented that, in order to do my job – whether it be interviewing someone for a long book, presenting an idea on stage, or closing an important deal – I transform into a lion! The reason I’m saying this is to explain why, despite our anxiety, lecturing to multimedia graduates and marketing and computer science students, not



Not long ago, someone whom I unfortunately do not know personally, came across this blog and said that we were being extremely generous. That statement touched me, and from that moment on, I – who don’t see myself that way, heh – started to evaluate certain relationships, meetings and professional exchanges from that same perspective. With time came the disappointing realization that the majority of people may appear generous, but that’s simply because they do

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We won! We were awarded the 2nd place prize in the Interactive Media category at the Latin American ComKids Prix Jeunesse 2013. Also competing in our category were works from Globosat/Gloob Channel, Folha de S.Paulo, iPicnic (with the Peixonauta (‘Fishtronaut’) appbook - from the series broadcast on Discovery Kids, SBT and Globo) and the interactive portal from the Argentinian state channel PakaPaka, among several other fine interactive pieces. From us... a book basically developed by

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