Mentoring at Campus Party 8 (Business Marathon). Photo: Eric Hayashi/Startupi

Last Brazilian Campus Party (CPBR8) was particularly special for us. Mentoring at Campus Party 8 (Business Marathon). Photo: Eric Hayashi/Startupi To mentor startups (as we did at a Business Marathon and at the Startup Weekend in Editora Abril) is to take a look at our own evolution. We saw promising startups, but we could see some failures too, gaps to be solved. We were the ears for many questions and uncertainties of the teams. Some



I joined an amazing study group about children and teen books and, in our last meeting, we were invited to list our special books. So I was responsible for making a small selection of interesting book apps that I like. I don’t mean I don’t like traditional books LOL… But people are still less used to digital reading, so my goal is proving there are very good book apps published for children and teens! They



It’s been a while since we’ve written. There are several reasons for that, including the usual ‘lack of time’. But the main reason behind our silence all these months is that, due to the election period, and because we are part of a seed accelerator which is part of Minas Gerais State public policy, we were restricted from communicating 100% openly (during the whole program!). According to electoral law, if we were to speak about

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