Last Brazilian Campus Party (CPBR8) was particularly special for us.

Mentoring at Campus Party 8 (Business Marathon). Photo: Eric Hayashi/Startupi

Mentoring at Campus Party 8 (Business Marathon). Photo: Eric Hayashi/Startupi

To mentor startups (as we did at a Business Marathon and at the Startup Weekend in Editora Abril) is to take a look at our own evolution. We saw promising startups, but we could see some failures too, gaps to be solved. We were the ears for many questions and uncertainties of the teams. Some doubts were quite equal to what we had in the past… and others we continue to think about.

Tita and Samira training the final pitch. Photo: Fernando Tangi

Tita and Samira training the final pitch. Photo: Fernando Tangi

That is exactly why we’ve always said: I’m not a guru. I have no wise vocation. So we are quite equal, and we will give you our point of view, which is from individuals who have already solved some problems, and the way we did it or how we would like to.

But we were impressed with how the acceleration time made us better at Seed/MG. Counting the winners of the Business Marathon at Campus Party, two of them were mentored by us. And it was clear that other Seed MG startups, who were presenting at S&M space, were very qualified.

At Abril Plug and Play, what grabbed our attention was that the best business (in our opinion) has no great appeal to the participants, but it’s totally understandable: it’s easy for young journalists – especially at that best selection – to create incredible editorial projects. Getting them to embrace the business model is quite difficult though, even when the business is about communication.

But they did it nonetheless: all presentations were very nice and above expectations. So congratulations to the journalists, and especially to Rogério, Daniel and others from Abril Plug and Play and from Up Brasil for the courageous initiative and perfect performance.

Today will be the Demoday for four startups from the first batch of Abril Plug and Play and it’s a special night for some friends we spent a lot of time with last year: TraktoPRO team. It’s a startup whose evolution has been so great because of the heart and the will to make it happen from the team. When we look to the future, we see ourselves more like them, matured in personality, strategy and accomplishments.

I think this is what makes this week so special: to take a look at our past and to unveil our near future… it gave us more energy to keep working hard, creating and believing in the reading and literature for the young people of today and tomorrow. Let’s go StoryMax!


P.S.: The cover and the first images of this post, and the video from Campus were done by Eric Hayashi, from Startupi. The others are StoryMax originals.


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    Samira and Tangi,
    I’m very happy, you are the best! Congratulations !

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      Thanks a lot, Marli. ;)


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