It’s been a while since we’ve written. There are several reasons for that, including the usual ‘lack of time’.

But the main reason behind our silence all these months is that, due to the election period, and because we are part of a seed accelerator which is part of Minas Gerais State public policy, we were restricted from communicating 100% openly (during the whole program!). According to electoral law, if we were to speak about Seed and its advantages, events, and so forth, during this period, we could have been punished.

samira fernando

But I have come precisely bearing that piece of good news: the TRE has announced the end of the electoral period in the State and we can now speak freely once more! Even our office has become more beautiful again, with both the logos of the show and the government uncovered.

Well, the fact of the matter is that a lot has happened during this break in which we, as little seeds, have rapidly developed, despite not yet having sprouted from the earth.

Therefore from this point on we will share everything bit by bit, in separate posts….And all observations we make about the program, the methodology, our development and that of other friends and their respective businesses, as well as the way Minais Gerais has strived to differentiate itself as an “entrepreneurial ecosystem”…all that could become a book in the future, who knows?!

See you soon, with more news to come!

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