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StoryMax is a publisher of app books – interactive digital books for tablets and smartphones – whose mission it is to make reading a more attractive and encompassing activity to children and young adults all over the world.

Our app books are literary classics, well edited and illustrated, animated, with audio and interactivity that make their reading a more engaging and immersive experience. We create complementary content for use in the classroom, with the objective of deepening discussion and extracting the best from the reading experience. For this reason, our books have already been adopted by hundreds of schools in the United States and in Brazil.

Founded in 2012 with the publication of the Frankie for Kids app book, StoryMax was under the name Y+B Digital Content for almost two years – a period during which it was awarded its first international prizes and took part in events around the world.

Through its participation in SEED – a seed accelerator and seed capital investment programme for startups in Minas Gerais – it has structured its business model and entered into important partnerships in order to bring reading as a form of leisure, learning and reflection to young readers of the 21st century.

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  • ProdutosAberturaOstras_
    Oysters, by Chekhov – a journey through the UN SDGs to the role of Biology transforming the world
  • ProdutosAberturaFrrittFlacc_
    Frrit-Flacc, by Jules Verne – a journey through the UN SDGs to the role of Biology transforming the world
  • Frankie_icone_
    FRANKIE FOR KIDS – Winner of the Comkids Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano Award and Hypertext in Education Award!
  • MilkyWay_icone
    MILKY WAY – Winner of the Jabuti Award: The most important literature award in Brazil :))
  • Literatour_icone
    LiteraTOUR – A StoryMax’s partnership with the Goethe-Institut!
  • Nautilus_icone_
    Nautilus – A partnership with the Federal Government of Brazil
  • ProdutoCommingSoon
    Coming Soon… :)
  • ProdutoCommingSoon
    Coming Soon… :)
  • ProdutoCommingSoon
    Coming Soon… :)
  • ProdutoCommingSoon
    Coming Soon… :)
  •  100 Open Startups – StoryMax is one of the 10 most attractive startups to do business with other companies in Brazil. Do you have a story to tell? Tell it with us! 

    100 Open StartupsTOP 10
  •  Have you thought about knowing German language and culture while reading and having fun? Goethe-Institut thought! LiteraTour is a co-created app book that allows the reader create their own stories and still meet Germany’s curiosities. 

    LiteraTourStoryMax + Goethe-Institut
  •  A collection of short stories co-created with the Danish group Novo meets relevant universal themes and invites young people to transform the world from reading, reflection, experience with science and social action. 

    Coming soon!NOVO Olhar Colection
  •  Nautilus is an app book that features a classic by Jules Verne to young readers and also discusses innovative thinking from their own reading experience. It will be released soon, free in Brazil – a partnership with the national government. 

    Coming soon!Nautilus

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